Benzema Quiz: do you know the footballer? Take the Test!

Benzema Quiz: test your knowledge of the footballer and put yourself to the test!

How well do you know Benzema? Players, given their popularity, leave the football sphere to be appreciated even by those who do not follow football for passion. Benzema is one of these. His social media clout is very strong and in fact he is known by many people, boasting an impressive 61 million followers on Instagram alone. Compared to the followers Cristiano Ronaldo has, that's very few, but it's a very impressive number. This Benzema test will try to test you with precise questions about how much of a footballing history the French footballer and Real Madrid captain has. Answer the questions we will ask you in the Test and find out how well you know Benzema The questions you answer will be mainly on three topics: family, work and curiosity. If it seems little to you, actually with the second topic alone we could fill a room with questions. In addition, there will also be trivia to challenge the most ardent fan, otherwise it would be too easy a test for a fan of Benzema's football figure. Could you know everything about Benzema? Take the test! Of Algerian descent but French nationality, Benzema is a player held in high regard by every football critic. It is no coincidence that he is the captain of Real Madrid, one of the strongest teams in the world. His history with this club is very special and intense. In fact, one question that arises is: why doesn't one of the strongest French players play for PSG for example? It is simple, because Benzema is a sporting flag for the Spanish team. In fact, after being bought in 2009 by Real Madrid, Benzema has never left. This attitude is increasingly rare nowadays because players, both young and old, want to play in more leagues and therefore move from one team to another. Benzema is not among them, he remains loyal to Real Madrid.