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These science quizzes test your general knowledge on subjects such as science, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc.

Science quizzes, chemistry quizzes, physics quizzes, biology quizzes, astronomy quizzes: here are some of the tests we offer to find out how much you know about these science subjects. You can test your general knowledge in a fun way and learn new things without getting bored.

Science subjects were a classic middle school and elementary school study, but how many of us still remember the things we learned in our school desks? If you want to try to assess your knowledge, there is nothing better than a game in the form of a test for self-assessment!

The questions we offer you in tests might seem difficult at times, but that's when you will learn new things without the effort of classical study.

We are constantly updating our test games so you can have fun and always learn new concepts.Among the various quizzes you can find:

  • General science quizzes
  • Biology quiz
  • Chemistry quiz
  • Physics quiz
  • Astronomy quiz
  • More science quizzes always being updated

How science quiz games are set up?

The format of the game is the classic question-and-multiple-answer test format. Basically, we will present you with some science-themed questions that you will have to answer by choosing from a series of plausible answers.

After each question we will tell you if you answered correctly, and you can then continue to the end of the game where we will show you a summary of your results so that you can assess where you went wrong and retake the quiz again to complete 100% correct answers.

Summary: How the tests are conducted?

  • You have to answer 7 or more questions
  • There will be some really difficult questions
  • You will choose your answer from 2 or 4 possibilities
  • The correct answer is only one
  • We will show you a summary at the end of the quiz
  • You can take the quiz again as many times as you like