Astronomy Quiz: Take the Test!

With this astronomy quiz, you can have fun demonstrating your knowledge about everything related to astronomical subjects.

With this quiz on astronomy you can have fun demonstrating your knowledge about everything related to the subject of astronomy. In our test you will find questions regarding planets, stars, galaxies and about many other notions that will test your general knowledge. If you are an astronomy lover and want to spend a few fun minutes this little challenge represented by the quiz questions is just what you need. Thanks to our astronomy quizzes you will have to make an effort to remember concepts and notions learned in school or maybe studied in some book or seen in a documentary about the universe. We often forget what we learn throughout our lives, and this astronomy test helps you test yourself and maybe learn something new in a light-hearted way thanks to the multiple-choice question-and-answer game. Before taking the astronomy test let's ask ourselves, what is and what does astronomy study? As per the Wikipedia definition, physics is the science that studies celestial phenomena, dealing with the observation and description of the objects that make up the Universe. It is among the oldest disciplines because ancient peoples have always been fascinated by the observation of the celestial vault especially related to religious aspects. One should not make the mistake of confusing Astronomy with Astrology: Astronomy is based on Galileo's scientific method and thus is based on observation and development of principles based on data and analytical observations.