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Music quiz: find out how much you know about history, artists, albums and songs.

Our music quizzes test you on one of the most interesting and fun topics you can imagine. Music accompanies your life every day in every way, you are subjected to it either voluntarily or involuntarily. You too will, no doubt, have artists you love madly, songs that remind you of special moments, albums that have marked your days, and particular genres that still accompany your moments. Our music quizzes cover genres as varied as rock, pop, classical music, Italian and foreign music. You can also find quizzes about specific periods or eras that have shaped music history in some way, such as 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, and so on. Choose your favorite quiz and test your musical culture!

In short, how does music testing work?

  • You will have to answer several specific questions about genres, artists, songs, and musical history
  • The questions can be as easy as super difficult, depending on your preparation
  • You will have to choose from multiple answers
  • The correct answer is only one
  • At the end of the question we will tell you if you answered correctly
  • At the end of the test we will give you a summary of your result
  • You can retake the quiz as many times as you like until you score 100%
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