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Do you love to test yourself with history quizzes? Our test questions are fun challenges that assess your general knowledge.

If you love challenges and enjoy challenging yourself, you've come to the right place! Our history quizzes are designed specifically to stimulate your brain and keep your mind exercised. History quizzes are always available online (free) and you can take them whenever you want to have a fun time in a smart way.

The history questions we propose are very varied and can cover:

  • General history culture quiz
  • Contemporary history quiz
  • Modern history quiz
  • Ancient history quiz
  • Roman history quiz
  • Italian history quiz (e.g. since 1861)
  • Medieval history quiz, Greek, Egyptians, etc.

Through these quizzes you will take a nice trip through world history, recall concepts you studied many years ago, and maybe learn something new.What could be better than taking a moment of leisure while improving yourself?

History questions in quizzes are difficult?

The short answer is: IT DEPENDS!

It depends on how much memory you have of your school studies.

It depends on how well you did in your school desks.

It depends on how much you love history and its facets.

It depends on how much you have read throughout your life.

It depends on how many documentaries you watched :)

There is no one answer to this question, it's all relative to your level of preparation, there are questions that might be super easy for some and impossible for others, it's all very subjective and variable depending on the person.

The beauty of these history tests is also the difference in difficulty of the questions, which will allow you to stimulate your brain and improve your knowledge.

Our history tests are free and always available online (and continuously updated).

Whenever you feel like taking a moment of leisure you can test yourself with historical quizzes totally free of charge and from anywhere, as our games are always online and all you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet to have fun.

By the way, you can also involve your friends, maybe sharing the quiz with them on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc. and challenging them to do a better result than yours, who knows if they know as much as you do!

Please note that we frequently update questions and quizzes throughout the site, including historical tests, so come back often and test yourself on other topics as well.

Here are the frequently asked questions we get on history quizzes

What is the test conduct?

The tests are simple question-and-multiple-answer games, like the ones you often see on TV quizzes, with the difference that here you are the main character and you can take them wherever and whenever you want, as they are completely free and always available online

How many questions are in each quiz?

There is no exact number, our quizzes are constantly being updated and we try to increase the number of questions on the most successful tests. You may find quizzes with 7 questions as well as quizzes that have 20, depending on the topic and how much you are liking the quiz.

What kind of questions are there?

They are variable depending on the topic of the quiz; test questions on ancient history will be different from questions on modern history, just as questions on contemporary history will be different from questions on medieval history.

Then there are the generic quiz questions that will be a mix between the various eras and will make you jump around nicely between historical periods.

What is the level of difficulty?

As mentioned earlier, we try to include questions of all kinds, from the most difficult to some easier, we will try to create question sets that are not boring and that stimulate the mind by creating fun little challenges.

How I answer questions?

Responding is super easy; we will present you with 2, 4, or more alternative answers to choose from, and all you have to do is click on the answer that feels right to you.

There is a time limit?

No, you can take as much time as you want and reason through the questions as best you can and especially assimilate well the notions you don't know.

You will tell me the results?

At the end of each question we will show you a message indicating whether the answer you gave is correct or incorrect. Also at the end of the quiz, once you have answered all the questions, we will show you a summary of the results.

Can I retake the quiz?

Certainly, you can retake the quiz as many times as you want and see if you can improve your score and try to reach 100% correct questions.

How can I share with my friends?

You can share by using the social button that allows you to post the quiz and entertain your friends as well.

To summarize, here is how the quizzes are structured:

  • They have a minimum number of questions of 7, going up
  • You will find easy, medium and difficult questions
  • You'll have to choose from a range of likely answers
  • There is only one right answer for each question
  • At the end of the quiz you will see a summary of the results
  • At the end of the quiz you'll be able to take the test again
  • You'll be able to share the quiz and engage your friends