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Autocratic leaders such as these represent the extreme probabilities of human potential for evil, and while seemingly omnipotent in their individual spheres of power, these individuals are prone to undue anxiety, was also suffering most often civil uprisings and/or assassinations. A dictatorship is a form of government characterized by absolute control by her one or very few people who hold all political power. Just as dictatorships are a form of government in some countries, and monarchies and representative democracies are forms of government in others, dictatorships are seen as dangerous and cruel by non-dictatorships in the way they treat their citizens. Is considered to be Have you ever worked with an assertive and confrontational personality type regardless of authority? I don't just mean the brave nature. I'm talking about a few people who seem to take things too far and trample others. I'm sure you have - don't tell me otherwise. (It may sound like that.) See, every personality type has a dark side. Some people express their personality traits in extreme or aggressive ways, but not many, but those who are offensive are in the minority. Today we will talk about how this behavior may be related to your personality type. I also explore some ways to deal with these people, even though it can be difficult at work.