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Literary quiz tests your knowledge with questions on Italian, Latin, English literature, etc.

Italian literature quizzes, Latin literature quizzes, English literature quizzes: these are some of the literary quizzes you can find on that allow you to test your literary knowledge in a fun way.

We will continually add more quiz games so that you will always have new opportunities to test yourself!

You will be able to find literary quizzes on:

  • Italian literature quiz
  • Latin literature quiz
  • English literature quiz
  • Literature quizzes on other eras and countries being updated

How literature quizzes work?

The structure is the same as the classic multiple-choice quizzes. We will ask you a series of questions about literature that you must answer by choosing from a range of plausible answers.

Each quiz consists of a series of questions of varying numbers that are updated continuously. The questions may be about literature in general or be very specific about dates, works, authors and movements in a particular country.

You may find questions of varying difficulty, there will be questions that may seem very easy to you (but be careful the answers can be misleading) and others that will seem very difficult. In any case take as much time as you want to answer, there is no limit and you can reason all you want about all the possible answers.

When you have chosen the answer that seems correct to you, all you have to do is select it and continue to the next page where we will tell you if you have answered correctly (but without giving you any indication of what the correct answer is).

When you have completed all the questions in the quiz we will show you a final summary where you can check which answers you got wrong and decide whether to try to retake the quiz to get the highest score.

Let's summarize, how the quiz is conducted:

  • You have 7 or more questions to answer
  • You will find easy questions and very difficult questions
  • You will be able to choose between two or four alternative answers
  • There is only one right answer
  • At the end of the quiz you will see a summary of your results
  • You can retake the quiz as many times as you like
  • You can share the quiz and get your friends involved