The Divine Comedy quiz: are you an expert? Take the Test!

The Divine Comedy Quiz: could you answer specific questions about the most fascinating poem in literature? Test yourself and prove you are an expert on the subject. Take the Test!

Test your knowledge with our quiz on The Divine Comedy: The Comedy, later known as the Divine Comedy, is Dante Alighieri's great allegorical didactic poem. The adjective Divina was later attributed by Boccaccio in his Trattatello in Laude di Dante and later carried over to the printed editions as well. The poem is written in the Florentine vernacular, in chained tercets of endecasyllables (which later took the name of Dante's tercets). The poem consists of 3 parts, called cantiche: Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. Each cantica consists of 33 cantos, except Hell, which contains one more. It tells of the journey taken by Dante inside hell, purgatory and finally into the longed-for paradise. The entire journey is accompanied by his guides, who take care to explain the various reasons why anyone is in the right place. It is extremely religious, but it also shows how Dante deep down could feel pity for those who suffer, despite the fact that according to him they have committed such sins as to deserve hell and any punishment it entails. During this extraordinary journey, Dante makes some exceptional encounters, with several twists and turns that make for not only enjoyable but also exciting reading. So many stories that intertwine and make us understand how the Church of the 1300s viewed sin, because after all Dante is the mirror of his era, without even realizing it describes how any kind of infraction was punished and how every sin was made to pay, there was no compassion or pity. Despite the fact that we studied these books in school, not everyone can say that they paid attention in class, or at least followed along properly to be able to understand. What can you say about this? Would you be able to answer correctly the questions posed by the Divine Comedy quiz? There is only one way to find out, and if it goes wrong you can always say you did a good general review.