Here are the quizzes on 🎨 Art history, choose your favorite test:

Art history quizzes that test your general knowledge of art eras

We have prepared a series of art history tests to test your knowledge in a fun way. How? By asking you questions about the various art periods and the artists, painters, works and paintings that characterized them.

For example, you will find Renaissance art history questions or quizzes, tests on Romanesque art, questions on Greek or Roman art, and even contemporary and modern art quizzes.

The questions we will ask cover many eras because human artistic expression is as long as the history of our species. In the tests you will find sometimes simple and sometimes difficult questions on the various artistic currents that are usually divided into:

  • Ancient Art (e.g., Prehistoric, Greek, Roman)
  • Medieval Art (e.g. Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance)
  • Modern Art (e.g., Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism)
  • Contemporary Art (e.g., Conceptual, Pop Art, Minimalism)

How the art history quiz works, frequently asked questions:

How does the test work?

The quizzes are structured with the classic question-and-multiple-answer pattern; we will ask you a general or themed question about an artistic current, a painting, or an artist, and you will have to choose which you think is the correct answer from 2 or 4 possible alternatives.

How many questions does each quiz have?

Our tests have varying numbers of questions and are constantly being updated. There are usually at least 7 questions, but we are continually trying to increase the number of tests and questions to make them more and more engaging.

What period do the questions cover?

There are general quizzes on all art history and themed questions in the quizzes specific to precise art movements. For example in the general test you may find questions on prehistoric art and then suddenly switch to a question on conceptual art, whereas if you would take the quiz on Renaissance art all the questions would be about that specific age.

Are the questions difficult?

It depends a lot on your knowledge, there are questions that to someone will seem impossible but to someone else much more knowledgeable about the subject might seem like child's play. In general we try to include questions of all difficulty levels to make the game challenging.

How to answer the questions?

All you have to do is select the answer that seems most correct to you from the various alternatives and go on to find out whether your choice is right or wrong.

How much time do I have to answer?

You can take as long as you want because you don't have a time limit to choose your answer. Especially on the more difficult questions, try to think hard about what to answer.

How do I know if I answered it right?

After each question we will tell you if the answer is correct, but without giving you the solution in case you got it wrong. At the end of the quiz we will show you a summary with the results.

Here is a summary of how the quiz is conducted:

  • You will have to answer 7 or more questions depending on the type of quiz
  • There will be varied questions: very difficult and easier
  • You will have to evaluate the correct answer among 2/4 alternatives
  • The correct answer is only one
  • At the end of the quiz you will be able to find out the score you have achieved
  • You can decide whether to take the quiz again as many times as you like
  • If you liked it you can share the quiz with your friends