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Why take general knowledge quizzes?

Thanks to general knowledge quizzes you test yourself while having fun. Try answering the multiple-choice questions of our test games, they are always available online totally free.

What good can taking general knowledge tests do? Trying to answer quiz questions helps you keep your mind exercised through a fun and entertaining time, is a great way to learn something new, and allows you to test yourself on things you already know (or you think you know).

If you love to play quizzes or clever games, you know very well how important it is to keep your mind active at all times. Our tests are fun games that at the same time stimulate your brain properly, perhaps recalling memories of past studies or challenging it with novel reasoning.

However, a cultural test does not have to be boring; on the contrary, its questions can be small challenges that allow you to have fun and keep your concentration effortlessly, precisely because of its "playful" nature.

With these quizzes you can test yourself whenever you feel like it because they are always available for free online. Next time when you are bored use your time constructively, stimulating your mind, having fun and learning something new.

Question types: General and thematic quizzes

There are two types of quizzes in this category: thematic ones and those devoted to real general culture.

Culture quizzes with which you can test your knowledge can be of two types: generic and thematic. The generic ones cover all subjects of knowledge, so you will find questions on topics such as geography, history, art, literature, philosophy and all sciences. Thematic ones are specific to a single subject such as geography and history, but they can be even more specific such as those on flags and capitals.

Depending on the topics you love most you can choose to take a quiz on geography or ancient history, maybe you prefer to take the one on biology or modern art history, or you want to try to test your all-around knowledge and challenge yourself with the generic ones.

As you see, you can choose the quiz game you like best each time and perhaps, as you go along, try them all so that you can improve your general knowledge by testing your skills.

General culture tests are always available online for free

With our quizzes you can take a moment of intelligent leisure whenever you want, because you can enter the site online (for free) from smartphones, tablets and computers and test yourself with general knowledge questions.

You can play with our tests whenever you want and from any medium, smartphone, tablet and pc, just log on to our site and choose the quiz that interests you most and try the challenge. All you need is an internet connection and a device because the quizzes are always available online totally free of charge. Whether you are at home or out and about, you can take a moment of leisure, kill time or simply overcome the boredom of the moment by trying to challenge yourself with the multiple choice questions in the quizzes.

We are constantly trying to supplement the quiz questions and add new ones to continually give you new stimuli and give you a chance to have fun in a smart way

The formula: general culture questions with multiple answers

The general knowledge test game consists of a series of questions that you will have to answer by choosing from a number of plausible multiple answers.

The way the quiz works is based on the classic multiple-choice question-and-answer structure that you have no doubt seen on TV or tried online, so the game mode is sure to be familiar to you.

The questions vary according to the type of test and are sometimes easy sometimes very difficult, but this depends on your general culture and knowledge. It will be a lot of fun to go through questions of various difficulties and types, because you will keep your concentration level higher and make the challenge more engaging.

We will offer you, for each question a series of answers to choose from, the number of possible alternatives is usually four, more rarely it will be two (this happens for questions that require a True/False type of answer). Be careful because sometimes the answers may divert you even though they may seem very trivial.

The subjects that comprises general culture

In theory it would stand for knowledge of all subjects of human knowledge, but in almost all cases it stands for knowledge related to subjects that are usually categorized into scientific subjects and humanistic subjects.

Humanistic subjects

Before defining humanistic subjects, let's take a step back and talk about Humanism, what is it and what were the thoughts that characterized it?

Humanism was a cultural phenomenon inspired mainly by Francesco Petrarch (and Giovanni Boccaccio) in the last years of the 14th century and fully developed in the 1500s. The fundamental principle was the rediscovery of the Latin and Greek classics. The Humanists were in stark contrast to the Middle Ages, which they considered a dark age, and placed great value on man and his ability to live and act in his time by following the teaching and virtues of the ancients.

So what are the subjects that are generally referred to as humanities? Referring to the concept of humanism, humanistic subjects place enormous importance on man and study his condition and experiences related to his existence. Among the classic subjects that fall into this category the major ones are: literature, philosophy, history, religion, art history, visual arts, and the study of languages.

Humanism was important because it greatly changed the approach to these disciplines, trying to give a method for their study and development.

Scientific subjects

What subjects rely on the scientific method to experiment and theorize? Among the most important we recognize: mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy.

Why is general culture important?

General culture helps you experience our world better because it allows you to be in perfect touch with the reality around you.

On a daily basis you are faced with more or less important situations and events that affect your life and days, you automatically interpret these events and process them based on your knowledge.

Each person has their own knowledge so they react and act to life events based on it, culture is influenced by multiple factors, and the concepts possessed by one person are almost always different from someone else, even if they have had similar life experiences.

Improving your general culture allows you to have an overview of the world and makes you interpret it by taking into consideration all the factors that influence reality. It makes you a freer and more confident human being because by having your own cultural background you will be less susceptible to the opinions and ideas of others.

There is also an aspect given by the pleasure you get from learning something new, from keeping your brain trained by continually stimulating it with concepts and ideas that will go on to influence what you already know.

What are the best ways to improve your general knowledge?

The ways to improve your general culture are many and very different, and the great thing is that they are also often very engaging and fun.

Increasing your general culture is a lifelong process and even if you don't realize it happens all the time every time you read a book or the newspaper, when you watch a documentary or even an interesting movie, when you talk to your friends or visit a new city.

Every time you come in contact with a new piece of information or concept you increase your knowledge, and these are all notions that add to your cultural background and the arsenal of tools you have to deal with the world.

There are many ways to improve and increase it: reading books, watching documentaries, getting information through magazines and newspapers, traveling to learn about new countries and cultures, talking to interesting people, etc.

But we think one of the best ways is to do it while having fun and getting involved, so we have created general culture and subject-specific quizzes.

Our quizzes to improve your general knowledge and keep you entertained intelligently

With our quizzes you can test yourself and spend a few minutes of fun in a smart and constructive way.

Our general knowledge tests are a great way to test yourself in a fun way, trying to answer the questions allows you to test your level of knowledge and keep your mind trained.

Trying to answer the questions (especially the more difficult ones) is a little challenge that sets your brain in motion, makes you reason and recall the concepts you have learned throughout your life, reinforcing and supplementing them with new ideas and concepts.

Taking a moment of leisure is a great way to ease the stress of the days and gives you a few moments of levity by entertaining yourself and having fun with the small challenges represented by the questions.

The biggest benefit is that as you try to score as many points as possible with the quizzes, you improve your knowledge and learn new things, stimulate your brain and make possible connections with concepts you already know. These stimuli generate curiosity and eagerness to learn that will be very useful to you in everyday life.

How do the general knowledge quizzes work?

The way the tests work is as a multiple question and answer game, and you can take them wherever and whenever you want because they are always available online for free.

To better understand the structure of quiz games, here are a few frequently asked questions we get.

How, exactly, do the tests develop?

The operation is based on the classic model of quiz games organized in multiple questions and answers.

Thus, your task will be to try to answer general knowledge questions in the case of general culture quizzes, or on a specific topic in the case of tests on subjects such as geography, history, art, literature, and science.

You will be able to choose from multiple answers, and both at the end of each question and at the end of the quiz we will give you the results you got.

How many questions are there in the tests?

The number of questions you will have to answer in our quizzes varies, depending on the type of quiz and the subject matter. We usually try to put at least seven questions, but as you will see there are quizzes that have many more.

What kind of questions do you propose?

Again, it depends on the type of quiz. As you may have guessed, our quizzes are divided into general and thematic, and obviously the type of questions changes depending on the subject matter.

In general culture quizzes you will find generic questions on various topics, so you may find yourself answering geography questions as well as history questions, biology questions as well as art questions. To be able to score well you will need to have a good, not necessarily in-depth, knowledge of many subjects and topics.

In contrast, for thematic tests, questions will be more specific on particular topics such as geography, rivers, capitals, contemporary history, latin literature, astronomy, and you name it.

Are these difficult questions?

There are all kinds of questions, from the easiest to the most difficult. General culture is a very broad subject and it is difficult to cover it all with your knowledge, so that is precisely why you may be faced with questions that you are not sure what to answer.

So it depends from person to person, for some people some questions might seem very difficult that for others are child's play, it will be up to you to assess the difficulty and to think a little more about the questions that seem more complex to you.

How will I have to answer?

As mentioned, you will have to choose between two or more alternative answers, usually we put four, but depending on the type of question and topic they may vary. Once you have chosen the question that seems correct to you, all you have to do is select it and go on to find out whether you have answered it right or wrong.

How much time do I have to answer?

There is no time limit within which to answer, you can take as much time as you like, in fact we highly recommend it, especially for questions that you cannot answer instinctively. Often spending a few extra seconds on the question can cause you to refine a reasoning that leads you to answer more thoughtfully.

How will I know if the answer is right or wrong?

After you select the answer you want to choose, clicking continue will tell you whether the answer you just gave is right or wrong.

In case you have answered incorrectly, we will not tell you what the correct answer is, so if you want to retake the quiz to improve your score you will have to think even harder about how to answer.

Is there a summary of the results?

Yes, at the end of the quiz, when you have answered all the questions, we will show you a summary mirror of your results and tell you what your score was. As mentioned, we will not show you the correct answers; you will have to find out by taking the quiz again.

How many times can I take the Quiz?

You can take the quiz as many times as you want for an infinite number of times. If you want to improve your score and learn something new, taking the quiz again is the best way to improve both your score and personal knowledge.

Can I involve my friends?

Certainly, you can decide to share the quiz with your friends. This is a great way to make the game more fun and to share good times with people you love.