Quiz Rivers Europe: the Test for Geography Experts!

To answer the quiz questions on Rivers of Europe you must really love Geography!

This quiz on the rivers of Europe will really test your knowledge of geography. It is not the usual test on general geography, but is a multiple-choice question-and-answer game on a very specific topic such as, precisely, the rivers of Europe. To answer the quiz questions you will have to be a lover of geography, love travel a lot, or have a very high general knowledge. These are questions you don't find in many other quizzes, since there are usually very vague geography questions, in this case you will have to answer super specific questions about European rivers. What kind of questions are there in the European rivers test? We'll ask you all kinds of questions, but they have the rivers of Europe as a common denominator. You will find questions about their length, where they flow, where they originate, where they are located, etc. Obviously the questions can be very easy or very difficult, it will all depend on your preparation, which will be tested by this quiz.