Latin Literature Quiz: Take the Test!

Latin Literature Quiz: this is a multiple-choice and question test that tests your knowledge of Latin literature. Put yourself to the test!

To be able to answer the questions in our Latin literature quiz you have to be a real lover of the subject, it is one of the most distant historical periods from us and it can be really difficult for some people to answer the questions in the game. In this Latin literature quiz we will ask you questions about important dates, works and authors from the Latin period, when the Italian language did not yet exist, let alone dedicated literature. To answer you will have to rely on all your knowledge and memories acquired in school desks, reading books or watching documentaries. You will see that this is a great way to challenge yourself and have constructive fun. What is Latin literature? Let's answer that before we take the test: Latin literature is, simply, all the works produced in the Latin language. We usually consider as Latin literature the literature of the city of Rome, but while this is in most cases the case, it is not always true, because the Roman Empire spread to vast areas of Europe, where as a result there were works in atri countries that can be inscribed under the term Latin literature.