Socrates Quiz: Check How Much You Know with the Test!

Socrates Quiz: he is one of the greatest Greek philosophers of all time, some know the quotes but few know him thoroughly: take the Test!

With this Socrates quiz you can test your knowledge about this Greek philosopher: Socrates is one of the best known figures in philosophy. His teaching was based on research through dialogue. Socrates talked with people, walked around and reflected. He, in fact, never wrote philosophical treatises: everything we know about his life and teachings is told to us from the writings of his disciples - the most important of whom was Plato - who transcribed his so-called "Dialogues." Dialogue and direct confrontation, for Socrates, was a real method. Socrates did not divulge philosophical truths to his fellow citizens; rather, he asked questions, leading his interlocutors to reflection. If someone asked him a question such as, "What is courage?" he would answer that he did not know, and by confronting his interlocutor he arrived at an answer. "I know I don't know." These are perhaps the most famous words attributed to the Greek philosopher. Indeed, the first step in his philosophy was the awareness of one's own ignorance. Only by recognizing that one does not know could the actual search for truth and, therefore, knowledge begin. Instead of being aimed at explaining the cosmos, the natural elements, or giving proof of God's existence, Socrates' philosophy was aimed at the human being. Socrates wanted to understand himself, and through this understanding, understand others and help them understand themselves. Self-understanding, for Socrates, was the basis of all knowledge. Although he always kept away from politics, Socrates would die precisely because of a conviction in the aftermath of a political trial. Tried for not believing in traditional gods, he was sentenced to death. Despite having the chance to escape that sentence, Socrates accepted it and died, drinking hemlock, in 399 BC. Test your knowledge of the most famous Greek philosopher of all time with our quiz!