Nelson Mandela Quiz: how much do you know about the South African political leader? Take the Test!

Nelson Mandela Quiz: test your knowledge of the South African political leader!

Nelson Mandela was a South African political leader, anti-apartheid activist and global icon of peace and justice. Born in 1918 in South Africa, he studied law at the University of Fort Hare and the University of the Witwatersrand, becoming a lawyer committed to the struggle against apartheid. In 1964 he was arrested and sentenced to a long imprisonment, spent mainly in Robben Island and Pollsmoor prisons. During his time in prison, despite the harsh and humiliating conditions in which he was forced to live, he continued to fight for human rights and freedom, repeatedly refusing to compromise or compromise his values, thus becoming a symbol of peaceful resistance and hope. In 1990, South African President F.W. de Klerk announced the end of apartheid and the release of Mandela, who continued to work for peace and reconciliation in his country. In 1993, Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize, international recognition for his commitment to peace and justice. In the following years, he continued to work for peace and justice globally, becoming an international representative of the fight against poverty, AIDS, and oppression and discrimination of all kinds. In 1994, he became South Africa's first democratically elected president, playing a crucial role in building a more just and inclusive society. During his presidential term, he promoted truth and reconciliation, addressing the country's history and working to end racial discrimination. His leadership inspired millions of people around the world, even after his death in 2013. Nelson Mandela was a visionary and courageous leader who changed the course of South African history, but he also changed world history by showing that peace, justice, and equality are possible. His life and legacy continue to be an inspiration to strive for a more just and inclusive world: "Peace is not simply the absence of war. Peace is humanity living in harmony with itself and with nature."