Marco Polo Quiz: Do you know the explorer? Take the Test!

Marco Polo quiz: test your knowledge of the Italian explorer!

Marco Polo was a 13th-century Italian explorer, writer and trader, known for his long journey to Asia via the Silk Road through which he provided a detailed description of the cultures and societies of East Asia. His father, Niccolo Polo, and his uncle Maffeo were Venetian traders who had already undertaken two trips to Asia, the first of which was during the reign of the Mongol emperor Khubilai Khan. In 1271, the Polos set off on a third voyage to Asia together with Marco, then a teenager Their Polo to Asia lasted several years and took them through Central Asia, China, and the islands of the South Pacific. During this journey, they met Khubilai Khan, later described as a wise and just ruler, and became his ambassadors and advisers. Marco Polo was particularly impressed by the beauty and resources of China, and he described its cities, countryside, customs and goods in detail. Once back in Italy in 1295, Marco Polo wrote a detailed book about his travels in Asia, called "The Million," which would become a best-seller during the Middle Ages and a valuable source of information for future European explorers and traders. Marco Polo's exploits have had a significant impact on history and culture. His book provided a unique window into East Asia and inspired many European explorers and traders to embark on their journeys to the East.