Italian Literature '900 Quiz: Take the Test!

Italian Literature Quiz '900: Test yourself with this literary quiz on works and authors of the Italian 20th century. Take the test!

With this Italian literature quiz specific to the 1900s period you can test your knowledge of literature in an easy and fun way. In the literary test we will ask you (sometimes difficult) questions about works, authors, dates and literary movements of the Italian 1900s, so if you love to read and are passionate about this particular period you will surely find this game very challenging. Before we begin the test, let's talk a little bit, in general, about Italian literature of the 1900s The early 20th century picture is characterized by the birth of the avant-garde movements such as Dadaism, Expressionism and Futurism. These movements not only influenced the figurative arts, but also other forms of expression and consequently literature. Among the movements that characterized this century we can find in no particular order Futurism, Crepuscularism, the application of psychological theories to literary works, Hermeticism, social literature, up to the rediscovery of the historical novel and the rise of investigative journalism.