Karl Marx Quiz: Check Your Knowledge with the Test!

Marx Quiz: test your knowledge about the well-known German philosopher and economist now. Test yourself with the test questions and find out how much you know!

Karl Marx was a German philosopher and economist whose theories influenced the thinking and actions of scholars and politicians to come. From his theories, in fact, a veritable school of thought was born, which is called, precisely, Marxism. Born into a relatively affluent Jewish family, Karl Marx was educated at the universities of Bonn and Berlin and has always been in contact with revolutionary workers' movements, the Hegelian left and other radical positions. His early work, in fact, was all at radical newspapers. His ideas and support for the 1848 uprisings even cost him exile from France, where he had moved in 1943. From France he landed, after an initial stop in Brussels, in London where, while working - again - for a newspaper, he continued to deepen his knowledge in matters of economics, until he came up with the theory, expressed in the very famous work The Capital, for which he is still remembered today. Marx was a revolutionary until his death: he took an active part in the labor movement and was an important figure in the First International, an organization that encompassed leftist labor movements from multiple nations. His critique of the materialism of economics, and consequently also of politics and society, became the basis of a full-fledged political current that goes by the name of Marxism. In The Capital, Marx analyzed precisely capitalism and came to the conclusion that it was a system based on exploitation. The echo his theories had made Karl Marx one of the most economically, philosophically and politically influential figures at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. And how much do you remember about Karl Marx's life and thought. Get ready for a quick and fun review with our quiz!