Ancient Greek History Quiz: Check How Much You Know with the Test!

Ancient Greek History Quiz: here's a test on Ancient Greece, the historical period that many consider the beginning of civilization! Take the Test!

This quiz will test your historical knowledge about the historical period of ancient Greece. Greece is defined as the cradle of Western civilization. Our words, our customs and traditions, the architecture of our historic cities, all owe a great debt to Greece, which has been a teacher and source of inspiration for the entire Western world. It was around the 10th century B.C. that the Dorians settled on the Iberian Peninsula, founded the first urban settlements, and adopted an alphabet-derived from the Phoenician one-that they used to write the first written laws. It was from this time that the Hellenic world began a phase of growth that would lead this people to define concepts that are still the basis of our society today. Of all the other cities, Sparta and Athens establish themselves as the most powerful. The two cities, after the Persian wars, will enter into competition. The two communities could not be more different: while Sparta was a people of warriors, Athens was a people of artists, philosophers, and thinkers. It was Athens that would prevail and become under the leadership of Pericles (461 to 429 B.C.) the political, economic, and cultural capital of Greece and the entire Western world. Philosophy and comedy were born in Greece; mythology and epic knew its most florid authors; the architecture of cities and temples would set an example for future generations. But to Greece we also owe the concept that underlies the Freedom won by the peoples of the Western world: that of democracy. It was in Athens, in fact, that the first form of Democracy was realized: a very basic voting system compared to what we know today, but still founded on the principles of equality, justice and freedom. But how much do we really know about ancient Greek history? Test yourself with our quiz!