World Capitals Quiz: How many do you know? Take the Test!

World Capitals Quiz. This geography game tests your geographical knowledge in a fun way. Take the Test!

This is the fun world capitals quiz that tests your geography knowledge! It is a few questions in which we will ask you to indicate what the capital of a specific nation is among 4 alternatives. Sometimes the questions are very easy because they are very well known nations, but in some of the difficult questions you will have to really resort all your knowledge of geography and your memories of many years ago to answer those questions that will seem really impossible. Don't Google the results just yet! Because this fun geography quiz is a challenge to yourself and also a way to pass the time by learning something. At the end of the questions we will give you the results and tell you how many you got wrong. Be sure to memorize the wrong answers and try the quiz again to see if you have improved and maybe do it many times until you complete 100% and become a real geography expert thanks to this fun world capitals quiz.