Nazism Quiz: check How Much You Know with the Test!

Nazism Quiz: check your historical knowledge now, test yourself with the quiz questions and find out how much you know!

It was 1934 when Hitler became head of the German state and supreme commander of his army as Fรผhrer. Thus the Third Reich was born, the swastika-the state symbol of Nazi ideology-was displayed everywhere in Germany, and the country was profoundly transformed. Every organization had to organize itself as a Nazi, Nazi ideology was taught in schools, Hitler was revered, the army and the armed force of the SS were the means by which Hitler ensured that all opposition was put out of the way. The consequences of this were nefarious, for Germany itself, for the minorities living in Germany and other European countries (Jews more than any other), and for the world itself. Under Hitler's leadership, Germany exited the Nation Society and began a rearmament program. It soon found itself attacking other European countries, triggering a series of consequences-between armed responses and alliances-that led to the outbreak of World War II. World War II claimed even more victims than the first, and - unlike the first - countless casualties were counted among civilians as well. Concentration camps arose under the Nazi regime for the purpose of wiping entire ethnic groups, the Jewish but also the Gypsies, from the face of the earth. Jews were the ones who suffered the most from Nazi ideology. Concentration camps were the solution to a policy that had already taken everything from this people: work, housing, bread, dignity. The history of Nazism must be known: this is the only way to ensure that future generations do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Let's start reviewing now, then, with our quiz on Nazism.