World War I Quiz: Take the Test!

World War I Quiz: test your general historical knowledge in a fun way with this test with questions and multiple answers. Play Now!

Do you love history and the major events that marked it? Do you like to Test your general knowledge? Then this is the perfect test for you! The First World War is one of the first major events of the 20th century and among the most influential events in all of contemporary history. With this quiz find out how much you know about World War I in a fun way by trying to answer the (sometimes very difficult) questions on the test. But what is meant by World War I? World War I was a war conflict in which the greatest world powers of the early 1900s were involved, and Italy was among them. At first it involved only the great European powers and later some major non-European nations, and it was this that gave it the name Great War or World War. This first great conflict carried with it many stories, events and great personalities that marked the era that forever changed the course of history. There were changes at all levels: in warfare techniques, in political power relations, at the cultural, social and economic levels. In this quiz you can retrace the salient events of that period and take a moment of leisure by exercising your brain and memory.