Moon quiz: check how much you know with the Test!

Moon test: with this quiz we test your knowledge about Earth's most famous satellite. Find out how much you know with this test check on the Moon!

With this check test on the Moon you can find out how much you know about astronomy and in particular how much you know about the most famous natural satellite of all! The Moon is the only object in space besides the earth on which man has set foot. The Moon is defined as a satellite of the Earth. It is the only one on our Planet, unlike Jupiter, which has as many as 63! The Moon is much smaller than Earth: it has a diameter that is about a quarter of that of our Planet and is about 384,400 km away from us. Although it seems so far away, however, the Moon is actually the closest celestial object to us, which is why astronauts have only been able to reach the Moon so far. There is a much weaker force of gravity on the Moon than we experience every day on Earth (equivalent to about ⅙ of ours), and it is because of this that the astronauts who "landed" were floating in the air instead of walking. As we know, the Moon always shows us the same face, but this does not mean that it is a motionless star in space. In fact, far from it! Like the Earth, the Moon makes movements of Rotation about itself, Revolution around the Earth, and Translation with the Earth around the Sun. The reason why it always shows us the same face is not the result of chance, but the coordination of the movements of rotation and revolution: both last exactly 28 days. By its presence alone, the Moon is responsible for the tides: it is because of the force of gravity exerted by our satellite that the level rises or falls. Moon phases, on the other hand, are due to the Moon's position relative to the Sun. Sometimes the sun's rays are able to illuminate the entire face of the moon, and then we have a full moon; sometimes they illuminate only part of it, and then we have a waxing or waning moon; and sometimes the sun's rays do not reach the solar surface, and then we have New Moon nights, or nights without a moon. After this brief review, test your knowledge about the moon with our quiz!