African Capitals Quiz: a Very Difficult Test. Test!

The capitals of Africa quiz is one of the most complex. Do you want to test yourself?

A test on the capitals of Africa is one of the most difficult geography games, because these cities of Africa are unknown to many and answering the questions will cause you more than a few headaches. The countries are quite well known and you will have heard of 100%, however, being able to figure out which is the capital will be much more complicated, in fact the beauty of the quiz lies there: making a mental connection between country and capital, not at all simple. The geography questions on the African continent are quite complex because the names are not really catchy to us and some notions are really unfamiliar, which is why if you were to manage to complete 100% correct answers you would deserve all the compliments in the world! Moreover, we are sure that with this quiz you might learn something new and in some cases unexpected, because for some nations the capital may not be so intuitive. What are you waiting for? Put yourself to the test!