Chemistry Quiz: Take the Test!

Chemistry Quiz: answer the test questions that check your general knowledge on chemistry. Put yourself to the test!

In this chemistry quiz you can check your general chemistry knowledge by testing your knowledge on the subject by answering the test questions and finding out how much you really know about the subject. The benefit of practicing through the chemistry quiz is that a multiple-choice question-and-answer game allows you to brush up on concepts or discover new ones in a simple and fun way by trying to answer the more difficult questions as well as the easier ones. In our chemistry test you will have to test yourself on the basics of chemistry such as atoms, molecules, bonds and chemical reactions, but also on more advanced and complex notions. The advantage is that thanks to such a quiz you will spend a few fun minutes in a smart way, because you will face small challenges represented by the test questions that will keep your brain exercised and challenge your mind while keeping the playful aspect alive. It is important, before taking the chemistry test, to do a little review: Let's figure out what the precise definition of the word Chemistry is, we get help from the Corriere della Sera dictionary: Science that studies the structure, composition, properties, and transformability of organic and inorganic substances, natural and man-made The word Chemistry comes from the Arabic al-kimiya, as explained on Wikitionary: ...from alchemy, derived from the Arabic al-kimiya, "philosopher's stone," itself derived from the late Greek χυμεία, meaning "mixture" There are various fields in chemistry, and we list them taking our cue from General chemistry, which concerns the laws of chemical phenomena Inorganic chemistry, which studies inorganic compounds Organic chemistry, which studies carbon compounds Biological chemistry, biochemistry Physical chemistry, which studies phenomena that are both chemical and physical in nature Industrial chemistry, which concerns the study of conditions most suitable for the production of chemicals on an industrial scale Pure chemistry, which concerns pure scientific research, organized into a complex of teachings leading to a degree in chemistry And specifically, chemistry (from Wikipedia) is concerned with: The properties of the constituents of matter (atoms); The properties of molecular entities, e.g., ions or molecules, consisting of single atoms or the combination of several atoms; The properties of chemical species (each characterized by a specific type of molecular entity and particular properties that distinguish it from other chemical species); The properties of mixtures and materials consisting of one or more chemical species. The beginning of the study of chemical matter has no definite beginning, but as the Treccani explains, it occurred quite randomly by peoples such as: Sumerians, the Hittites, the Egyptians, the Hebrews, the Phoenicians, in the West, and, in the East, the Chinese and the Indians. Now that we have given some general cultural background on the subject we can begin to delve into the quiz and how it works.