Medieval History Quiz: How much do you know? Take the test!

Medieval History Quiz. Do you want to test yourself? With this game you will have to answer questions about the Middle Ages and its events. Take the Test!

This is the perfect quiz to test your knowledge of the events of medieval times. Thanks to the test questions you will have a chance to test yourself and maybe learn something new about the so-called "dark ages" (Definition disproved by many historians) The Middle Ages is one of the 4 great historical epochs and in traditional periodizations is placed between the ancient and modern ages (the fourth being the contemporary era). Usually, in some European areas such as Italy, it is divided into the High and Low Middle Ages. In Anglo-Saxon countries a further subdivision is added, which is the Full Middle Ages. Typically, the Middle Ages is contrasted with eras considered "higher" such as Humanism and the Renaissance and is seen as a dark age because of economic, demographic and cultural deterioration, but this is not totally true. With this multiple question-and-answer game you will have a chance to delve into the Middle Ages and its events, trying to identify the years, events and characters. It will be a lot of fun trying to remember the notions you learned in your school desks!