Biology Quiz: Take the Test!

Biology Quiz: play with this test that tests your general scientific biological knowledge. Put yourself to the test!

This biology quiz is meant to test your general scientific knowledge on this scientific subject and does so in a fun way in the form of a test game, with multiple questions and answers. The biology test is a great way to test how much you know and to learn something new You'll find easy questions and hard questions about cells, genetics, chemical processes and physical processes of living organisms-in short, everything about this area of science. The quizzes are specially designed to entertain you in an intelligent way, stimulating your brain and keeping your mind exercised. You may have to recall memories from middle school, or maybe think of that book you read or that documentary you saw on this topic. Either way, you will have to do a lot of thinking to answer some really difficult questions. Before we begin the biology quiz, let's answer this question: what is biology? The discipline of biology is part of the broader subject of Natural Sciences and like them is based on the approach of the scientific method, which is described as follows, nicely, on Wired: observes a natural phenomenon (an object falls downward), one observes it again (oh, all objects fall downward: the big ones and the little ones!). You make a hypothesis (all objects fall downward with the same acceleration), make measurements and calculations, and try to see if the hypothesis is validated or not. But what is the definition of Biology? We ask the Treccani for help in this: The set of sciences that have for their object the life of living organisms. So we are talking about living organisms, such as humans, but not only that, in fact we can expand on the concept with what we find in the dictionary: Science that studies living organisms by describing and classifying their various forms and investigating the complex of phenomena that characterize them from a biochemical, physiological, genetic and ecological point of view. And finally we close with Wikipedia quoting a phrase from Gottfried Reinhold Treviranus who in his Biologie, oder Philosophie der lebenden Natur (1802-1822), made the term Biology in common use: The objects of our research will be the various forms and manifestations of life, the conditions and laws under which these phenomena occur, and the causes through which they are effected. The science that deals with these objects is referred to as biology