Physics Quiz: Take the Test!

Physics Quiz: try answering the test questions to see what level your physics knowledge is at. Put yourself to the test!

Test yourself with this physics quiz! By answering the questions you can test how much you know about physics, its methods, laws and phenomena. All you will have to do is recall notions you have studied in school, read in some book on the subject, or seen in a documentary. We will ask you questions about Physics that will either make you learn something new or fix the concepts you already know, all in a fun way through a game structured in the form of themed quizzes. Now let's review before we begin the physics test: Let's start with the definition of physics from Physics is the science that studies natural phenomena (excluding those involving chemical transformations of matter and biological processes) in order to describe them by measuring their properties (or quantities) and establishing mathematical relationships between them It is very interesting to go and read what is the etymology and thus the origin of the word physics on Wikipedia: A term derived from the Latin physica, "nature," itself derived from the Greek (τὰ) φυσικά ((tà) physiká), "(the) natural things," born from φύσις (phýsis), both derived from the common Indo-European origin. Now let's get on with our quiz.