Which Nation Are You? Start the personality Quiz!

Find out which of these Nations is more similar to you: UK, China, Italy or Thailand?

It is a very much evident fact that every nation has its own distinct geographical, historical, traditional, cultural, and religious aspects and these aspects prove to be very much fundamental in shaping the behavior of the concerned at all levels. Every national associated with any nation has its own distinct personality associated with it, dependent upon the above-given aspects. This fact has also been a hot topic for long which attracted the attention of the psychologists and they conducted several pieces of research to know the secret behind it. The psychologists involved in the research gave the same personality tests to the hundreds of people selected as samples for the research from different countries and they found that people around the world belonging to different nations show different behaviors and attitudes. In every country, the average personality was in contrast or variation with the average personality of the other country. Multiple international studies explored this cross-national and cross-cultural variation in personality and the most extensive of these was published by Robert McCrae along with almost 79 collaborators around the globe in 2005. Including this and several other pieces of research, we are providing you with an accurate personality test where you can see what personality are you as a nationalist of a particular nation or what nation fits you the best.