Italian Literature Quiz: Take the Test!

General Italian Literature Quiz: with this literary test you will go through all the most important stages of the literature of Italy. Put yourself to the Test!

This is a quiz for true lovers of literature and especially of Italian literature, not only contemporary literature but all the literature that has characterized our country from its birth until today. Thanks to this literary test on Italy, you will retrace all the most important stages that have brought writers and poets to establish themselves on the Italian literary scene. You'll have to remember works, dates and movements that marked epochal changes as far as our culture is concerned. Let's do a little review before we delve into the literary test on Italy The birth of Italian literature is usually traced back to the time when, in Italy, the first works in the Italian language began to appear, so from when people began to write in Italian with literary purpose (source Wikipedia). The concept of "literary purposes" is very important, because most historians agree that there must be a definite purpose and logic in the structure of writing in order to be defined as "Literature." The history of Italian literature is a history made up of very great people and very great works that have marked not only our country but the whole world, and with this quiz you will review and learn new notions about the history of Italian literature and thus about the culture of our people.