World War II Quiz: Take the Test!

World War II Quiz: Test your general historical knowledge in a fun way with this game with questions and multiple answers. Try the test!

If you love history you will surely have read a lot about World War II, maybe seen some documentaries and watched movies about it. In this quiz (with some difficult questions) you will have to recall all the notions, dates, and most important events of this second conflict that involved the whole world. But how is World War II defined? The world's second great war conflict was a war in which the world's greatest powers pitted themselves against each other divided into two camps: Allies and Axis. It was fought across much of the planet and also saw Italy as a protagonist. Along with World War I, it was the largest armed conflict in human history and cost millions of lives and destruction of countries, reducing Europe to a single rubble. In this test you can go over the most significant events that characterized those years, trying to answer questions about characters, events and dates that you will have surely studied in elementary and middle school. It is a fun way to test yourself and check your general historical knowledge about the huge event that was World War II.