Modern History Quiz: How much do you know, take the test!

Modern History Quiz. Here is the test that tests your knowledge about the great historical era known as the modern era. Answer the questions!

This test will quiz you on events that happened in the historical period referred to as the "modern era. "We will ask you several questions that you will have to answer by choosing from multiple answers that will assess your background on the subject. The concept of "modern history" stands for the period between the end of the medieval age and the beginning of contemporary history and, together with the same, represents one of the 4 great historiographical periodizations (in addition to ancient history). It was a period marked by great discoveries and important events that marked a moment of discontinuity with the medieval past: the discoveries of new lands, the beginning of Humanism and the Renaissance, scientific discoveries and technological inventions. We will talk about all these facts in the quiz, and the questions will be varied and will take you back with your memory to school days when history and its intertwining with today's world were studied. You will find that some things you remember very well (perhaps because you have recalled them over time with documentaries, books, movies, etc.) but on others you will have a much harder time remembering. This game in the form of a quiz serves precisely to test your knowledge and give you a moment of intelligent entertainment.