Asian Capitals Quiz: Do you want to have fun guessing them? The Test!

Could you tell what the capital of a specific Asian nation is? Prove it with the quiz!

Taking a Quiz on the capitals of Asia is a good test of your geography knowledge! With this geography game in the form of a test, you can test your general knowledge and have some smart fun, maybe even learn something you've been missing! Asia is a continent far away from us, but we often hear about it on the news, in documentaries, read about it in books or magazines, and maybe we have even traveled to this huge continent. The names of Asian capitals have come to our ears very often, so they are not new to us, but it is not so easy to connect them to a specific nation! This is because Asian countries like their respective capitals are very numerous, in fact the one recognized by the UN are as many as 47 (source Wikipedia). This fun test is precisely to assess your knowledge and why not, to give you a moment of entertainment in a smart way, combining the useful with the enjoyable. How does this test on European capitals work? We ask you to tell us the capital of a specific Asian state, and to do this you will have to search your memory because not all the answers will be immediate, in fact there are some simple questions but others very difficult, bordering on impossible. For the more complex questions you can take as long as you want, there is no limit to give the answer, so concentrate and don't search on search engines, this is a challenge to measure your current skills! There are 4 possible answers, you will then have to choose from some capitals to associate with the state presented in the question. After you answer we will tell you if the answer is right or wrong. At the end of the quiz there will be a summary of the results and you can retake the test as many times as you like and maybe share it with friends to test them too.