BTS Quiz : do you know everything about them? Take the Test!

BTS Quiz: here is the quiz completely in Italian about the K-pop group of the moment. How much do you know about BTS? Take the Test!

This quiz is dedicated to BTS lovers. Do you know them?Probably if you are not a teenager or if you don't have children or grandchildren in that age group, the name BTS (an acronym for "bulletproof boyscout") and the k-pop genre will tell you little, if anything. However, this all-male band from South Korea has been on the crest of a wave for more than a five-year period and has often been the focus of important and challenging comparisons, not the least of which is with the Beatles-yes, those very Beatles. It unites them to be the only two bands, so far, in music history to place as many as three records in the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart in the same year. Their following continues to grow, millions of fans and records sold all over the world, including Italy, despite the fact that their lyrics are mainly in Korean and only rarely in English. Despite this, they represent a real social phenomenon, mainly due to the themes of their songs, in which many fans mirror themselves. In short, no abstractionism but a lot of concreteness and attention to the everyday. In order to preserve the band, which is made up of 20- to 30-year-olds, South Korean politics even revised a special law, allowing all members to postpone military conscription until they turn 30, thus safeguarding not only the artistic side but also part of the country's economy, to which the band contributes 0.3 percent of GDP. Are you ready to test yourself on your idols or educate yourself on the history, trivia, and of course music of these Eastern artists?