Rock, Jazz, Pop, Electronic... Which Music Genre are you?

Which is the perfect music genre for your personality? Start the quiz and find out!

If we were to try to write a music timeline, a lot would have faded in previous years, but we could certainly start with classical composers. In the late 1800s jazz was born, while country music would emerge later in the 1920s. Pop music was invented. in the 1950s and hip-hop started in 1973 in New York. Of all these musical genres and styles, which speaks to you the most? If you are determined and ambitious, you may like classical music! As someone who loves the finer things in life, a few tough songs won't stop you! For the coolest and most relaxing feeling, you can vibrate to the beat of hip-hop music. Although its history is short, compared to many other genres, it has left its mark on the hearts of listeners all over the world! Are you bold and original, enjoy the creative 1970s, punk rock or are you cheerful and upbeat, like pop music? Everyone has different aspects of their personality, but are you are curious which genre of music speaks to you the most? Let's find out together! When Madonna sings, "Music brings people together!"