Black Widow Quiz: How well do you know her? Take the Test!

Black Widow Quiz: Think you know everything about the Black Widow's adventures? Prove it with this quiz!

How well do you know Black Widow? Black Widow is a character only recently truly explored with a stand-alone film, while for quite some time we have known her through other audiovisual products. Yet despite only recently having a film dedicated to her, Black Widow has been able to captivate so many people and not only because of the actress' beauty. Answer the questions we will ask in the Test and find out how well you know Black Widow The questions that follow will not be the usual ones included in the various tests, but will test your critical ability to understand why Black Widow chose to take this turbulent path. We are almost all good at remembering what year the movie dedicated to Black Widow came out, but not everyone remembers her narrative path. Could you know everything about Black Widow? Take the test! Avengers and all the other Marvel Cinematic Unoverse films have very slowly been enriched with compelling female characters, whereas originally the only women we saw were the girlfriends of the male protagonists. Black Widow is the first, yet this aspect has never been explored for so many reasons. Certainly, despite being a mere human being, Black Widow was able not to disfigure herself in a group where there was a God and a green behemoth who could destroy almost anything. That is also a given, plus one of the best-written aspects of Black Widow is her sense of justice, which responds primarily to her ethics and not forcibly to anyone else. That said, in these questions you will see how many of Black Widow's choices have correlation with a truly unfortunate fate, from beginning to end of her journey. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe is unstoppable and audiovisual products continue to be announced, you will hardly forget Black Widow and her heroine look. Most of the credit is due to the actress, who knew how to wear those clothes in the most iconic way possible.