Bridgerton quiz: How well do you know the series? Put yourself to the test!

Bridgerton Quiz: test your knowledge of the series now. Test yourself with the test questions and find out how much you know!

"Bridgerton" is one of the most popular Netflix-produced TV series, made visible on the streaming platform in 2020 already has millions of fans around the world. The plot is based on the novels by Julia Quinn, which are set in the 1800s and tell the wonderful, if troubled, love stories of the Bridgerton brothers. This noble, English and large family is the absolute protagonist of the series, although, for each season, they choose to focus their attention on a particular heir. In both seasons, along with the vicissitudes of the family, the great main character is love. Told as a deep, visceral but above all uncontrollable feeling, laced with renunciations, heroic acts and sighing feelings that help create a dreamy and magical atmosphere for the viewer. Although we are talking about nineteenth-century London, the themes are shockingly topical, in fact we find ourselves immersed in discourses about gender equality, the need for women to be able to have a voice of their own and how the ethnic question should not even be considered, all of which certainly gives it a fresher feel than a series that could have been steeped in historical clichรฉs that have been seen over and over again. One detail, which spices up the series even more, is definitely the presence of a mysterious editor who publishes a weekly self-published column where she chronicles and comments on the juiciest gossip, usually the protagonists are the Bridgertons and their entire inner circle, creating this cross-reference to Gossip Girl and creating the same amount of trouble. In a combination of dancing, songs made classic despite being originally sung by Shawn Mendes, glitzy outfits and mysteries, this succession of events proceeds from episode to episode, typically culminating in a happy ending, but how much trouble to get to the longed-for "happily ever after!"