Chiara Ferragni Quiz: do you know the most followed entrepreneur in Italy? Take the Test!

Chiara Ferragni Quiz: test your knowledge of the influencer. Put yourself to the test!

How well do you know Chiara Ferragni? Chiara Ferragni is one of those women we will remember for at least the next fifty years. We write this not because we are fans of the entrepreneur but because her imprint on the Italian world is stronger every year. From documentaries to television series, from entrepreneurship to her life as an influencer. Chiara Ferragni, although many still ignore her, is one of the most famous Italian people abroad right now, like it or not. Answer the questions we will ask you in the Test and find out how well you know Chiara Ferragni The questions you answer will be mainly on two topics: family and work. If it seems little to you, actually with the second topic alone we could fill a room with questions. In addition, there will also be some trivia to challenge the most ardent fan, otherwise it would be too easy a test for a passionate Chiara Ferragni follower. Could you know everything about Chiara Ferragni? Take the test! Chiara Ferragni has certainly exploded as a result of the spread of a very particular content, that of the blog. Today, everyone has one and in fact many don't even try to open it because the market is so saturated that it is impossible to succeed with that type of content. If in fact today it is the podcast, the most popular method of the moment to make oneself known, about fifteen years ago it was the blog. Chiara Ferragni started with a very particular piece of content and from there the climb was impressive. In addition to being a very famous influencer, she is also committed to social issues, in fact she has often spoken out against government measures, which she considers unfair. Loved and hated, revered and criticised for every choice, Chiara Ferragni is the kind of divisive person like one is born every twenty years. What is still unbelievable today, is how she despite her international success does not seem to relent one step and in fact content dedicated to her continues to come out. From documentaries to TV series, Chiara Ferragni knows very well that at the top she has to be very careful not to plummet, and in fact she continues to look after her public image impeccably.