Eternals Quiz: test yourself and find out how much you know about the Marvel movie!

Eternals Quiz: test yourself and find out how much you know about the characters and all the scenes from the movie!

How well do you know Eternals? The mythology that Marvel wants to build up in movie after movie seems endless. This is well demonstrated by Eternals, which adds another important piece to the story of humanity and the defenders of it. Indeed, what the viewer seems to be wondering is how long they can manage to maintain this pace of filmmaking without the balance of forces at play being completely obliterated. Answer the questions we will ask you in the Test and find out how well do you know Eternals? The questions we will ask you in the test will serve to give you a sense of how well you know from all angles this audiovisual product. In fact, if many are good at remembering directors' names or dates, so many have no memory of certain plot passages and more. That is why this test is different from others. Directed by director Chloé Zhao, Eternals moves through the millennia and tries to reconstruct the path of humanity through other details, other narratives that complicate the Marvel picture even more. What is interesting from the beginning is the division of the group of Eternals, those who want to interfere with the path of humanity and those who think that free will and acting in the shadows are fundamental. Another current issue that concerns us all is climate change, expressed in the film through an absolutely visible metaphor. Eternals obviously does not have the fondness factor because it is the first time we have seen these characters, however, the stellar cast consisting of Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, and many other familiar faces manages to circumvent this problem. Therefore, being a very lonely film compared to others, the test will try to put you on the spot with the names, because obviously the knowledge of a character starts with this element. As mentioned above, however, the test will not only do this but will also try to test your analytical skills. Good Luck.