House Of The Dragon Quiz: do you know the series? Take the Test!

House Of The Dragon Quiz: prove you're a true fan and put yourself to the test!

How well do you know House Of The Dragon? House Of The Dragon has been one of this year's top TV shows. The reason, however, is not so much to be found in the quality of the audiovisual product, but in the expectations it has generated. House Of The Dragon is in fact the prequel to Game Of Thrones, one of the most important shows of the last 15/20 years. Set about 190 years earlier than the mother series, the series under analysis recounts the decline of House Targaryen and is for now a series with much less action and more intrigue. That said, in this twenty-question test you can really find out how much of a fan you are of the HBO show. Answer the questions we will ask you in the Test and find out how well you know House Of The Dragon The questions you will answer will be mainly on three topics: history, characters and trivia. If it seems little to you, actually with the second topic alone we could fill a room with questions. In addition to all that, there will also be trivia about the crew in order to put the hardcore fan on the spot. If we didn't do this it would be too easy a test for a fan of House Of The Dragon and the world of Westeros. Could you know everything about House Of The Dragon? Take the test! House Of The Dragon despite the many lukewarm opinions from the public, was actually very well received overall as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic confirm. Of course, it is clear to everyone that this first season is nowhere near the level of the first seasons of Game Of Thrones, however it defends itself very well. By telling something unknown to those who have not read the books and setting the whole thing almost two centuries earlier, House Of The Dragon has the chance to introduce not only the various intrigues but also a different world while still being Westeros. This first season has engaged so many audiences, just as everyone expected. Just think that according to HBO, the first episode of House Of The Dragon was seen by almost ten million viewers. While waiting to see the second season on the screens, all you have to do is complete the test we have devised. It won't be easy, we already anticipate. Good luck!