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Mr Bean is certainly one of the best-loved fictional characters, invented by the same actor who would later play him, he came to life in the 1990s and from then on would be the protagonist of films, TV series and cartoons. His physical characteristics make him recognisable everywhere, not for any particular physical appearance, but for his persistence in always wearing the same clothes. His character can be described as childlike, mainly because just like children, he is completely amoral, putting his needs first and always getting what he wants. On the other hand, he has a character that allows him to constantly come up with new funny gags, such as his competitiveness, which makes him interpret any gesture by a stranger as a real challenge, or even his ever-present shame towards any action he performs, which lead to exasperating his every behaviour to the extreme no matter how normal it is, so that even the simple gesture of eating a candy becomes a comic gimmick. Living only in the company of his teddy bear, who is also his best friend of all time and has no job, his social relationships are limited to his dating a girl and two other friends, in all cases his total lack of ability to create relationships that do not fall into ridicule is shown. However, many have also amused themselves by theorising about the origins of this ambiguous character, and many believe that he is actually an alien sent to Earth to study humans at close quarters, which is why despite living a seemingly normal life he has never really integrated. His sketches have been with audiences for more than 30 years now, so perhaps this anti-social essence of his is also appreciated by young and old alike.