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Call Me Anna Quiz: do you want to test your knowledge about the TV series? Prove you know all the episodes. Take the Quiz!

The quiz on Call Me Anna is about the TV series that has managed to be so popular in recent years, certainly because of its inherent romance and the main character's sassiness. The main character is a little red-haired girl whose name is really Anna, she is an orphan who after years of suffering manages to find serenity the moment she manages to find an adoptive family that loves her despite her behaviors that for some might have seemed too excessive. Anna is a girl who, precisely because of what she has gone through in life, had to create a parallel universe where she could be happy: this place she manages to reach by reading, in fact she is a book lover and it is also thanks to this hobby that she has become particularly intelligent and inclined to learn. Unfortunately, because of her curiosity, she has found herself in difficult or embarrassing situations several times, but thanks to her strong spirit she has never let it get her down and has always gotten back up, surely she is a very good example for all the kids of the new generation. After all, we are talking about a protagonist who is not only a female, but is also headstrong, determined and strong like few other TV characters. The themes that come emotions from the series are varied, in fact we go from childhood traumas suffered by Anna to friendship and love, feelings that are felt by the protagonist and not only, which make us understand how the evolution of the characters follows important events for all teenagers. And can you say that you have always paid attention to the episodes and grasped the character of little Anna in its entirety? You can find out by taking our quick and easy quiz that will give you a good time.