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Attack on Titan Quiz. Here is the Test that tests your knowledge about this beautiful Anime: test yourself with the Test!

Here is the test on My Hero Academia: test yourself and prove you know everything by answering the quiz questions! A series written and drawn by the young Japanese cartoonist Hajime Isayama, winner of the "best shonen manga" award in 2011 and nominated for numerous other major awards, it quickly achieved international success, gaining a great audience in Italy as well. The setting is a mixture of post-apocalyptic and dark fantasy, where humanity has been almost completely wiped out at the hands of creatures that feed on people more for "fun" than out of any real need for survival. The few survivors live in fortified citadels, protected by a system of cyclopean walls capable of preventing, almost always successfully, access to the titans. Interestingly, the author drew inspiration for this defensive system precisely from the fortifications of a real existing city, dating back to medieval times and surviving almost intact to the present day. The life of the protagonist, a teenager, is also suddenly disrupted by a raid by titans inside the system of fortifications. During the attack the boy loses his mother, devoured by a titan of all people. It is this episode that allows the young man to overcome his fears and unleash a desire for revenge against the titans, with the intent of exterminating them completely and thus restore peace and tranquility to Earth. He will enlist in the army, along with other young survivors, to await the next attack. Are you ready to fight alongside them, or will your fear of being swallowed by a titan in one bite keep you on the fringes of history? Should you accept, know that it will be by no means a piece of cake but a difficult obstacle course.