Black Mirror quiz: do you remember all the details? Take the Test!

Black Mirror Test: could you answer specific questions about the episodes? Test yourself on TV's most dystopian series. Take the Quiz!

The Black Mirror quiz tests you on one of the most emblematic TV series of our time: twisted and mysterious, yet full of charm, it has managed to keep viewers glued to the TV or PC screen for as many as five seasons without ever making them tired. It is an intricate web of stories and events that change plot with each episode, but manage to put the focus on what modern life is and the consequences on people. They are like a set of possible futures and evolutions that are described one by one for an average of fifty minutes and serve as a wake-up call for our slumbering minds. It is therefore a glimmer that is able to show us how our whole existence will be conditioned mainly by technology combined with the selfishness of people, who thinking only of their own personal gain are condemning the whole of humanity to a not-too-distant future regulated by applications and devices that promise the cutting edge and instead give us an aseptic and anesthetized reality. The series itself has neither an enduring cast nor a linear plot, it is probably this changing form that makes it interesting and appealing to the general public, this is a factor that combined with the lightness with which serious topics are discussed creates a very successful TV series. The only problem lies in the difficulties one may have in remembering all the events or literally all the episodes, given their sudden changes and the always upsetting endings. That is why you should try to answer these simple questions that the Black Mirror test will ask you, it is very useful to be able to understand when it is time to watch all the seasons again and appreciate them as if it were the first time.