Harry Potter Books Quiz: Have you read them? Take the Test!

Harry Potter books quiz: many people have seen the movies, but not everyone has read the books? Have you read them? Put yourself to the test! Take the Test!

Here is the quiz dedicated to the Books in Harry Potter. As is often the case, a great success is born of many defeats. Just as several works praised today were victims of failure in the past, the first novel in the Harry Potter saga also did not immediately find a publishing house that could publish it. Bullied with various epithets and questionable claims, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone had dozens of rejections before publication until the publishing house Bloomsbury implemented a wise choice. The first novel came out on June 26, 1997, and was well received by critics, but today's fame and intellectual consideration of the work came later. Indeed, we must not forget that the saga begins with a story with a very young target audience, Harry in the first book is only 11 years old so his point of view must be childish. In spite of this the undoubtedly sublime quality of the writing very soon will be noticed and the series of books, especially from the fifth onward, will tell more and more complex dynamics away from the younger audience. From 2001 the literary saga became a film, and audiences around the world rediscovered Rowling's books. A woman who lived completely on government subsidies, thanks to her enormous talent, finds herself as one of the most famous authors in the history of publishing. Although today we see how cross media is necessary to promote a work more, from film to book and vice versa, in reality Rowling did not need it at all since the saga sold so much on its own. According to Forbes magazine in 2006 estimated Rowling's wealth at $1 billion, when the film saga had begun only five years earlier. Translated into so many languages and a worldwide success with critics and audiences, the Harry Potter books founded an imagery that would later become cinematic and even musical if we think of John Williams' superb work. Nothing, however, would have happened without the real matrix of this imagery: the books by J.K. Rowling.