Cats Quiz: do you know Everything about these Felines? Take the Test!

Cats Quiz: Do you think you know enough about this little feline? Do you feel ready for the challenge? Take the cat quiz!

Cats Quiz: In this test you will have to answer questions dedicated exclusively to cats! One of the most fascinating and mysterious animals, a nimble little feline, a symbol of elegance and refinement, with a plush stride, capable of performing acrobatics worthy of a professional athlete, such as jumping up five times its height, six times its length, not forgetting the ability to always, or almost always, fall on its paws. The most widely accepted hypotheses believe that the relationship with humans began at the same time as the development of agriculture, when the storage in large quantities of grain first attracted rodents and as a consequence also cats, all probably in the region identified by historians as the Fertile Crescent. A sacred animal in ancient Egypt where severe consequences were provided for those who mistreated the small feline, initially uncommon in Greece where weasels and ferrets were the main deputies for hunting rodents, it was only thanks to the ancient Romans that it spread throughout Europe, being very popular throughout the empire among all social classes. Even the Prophet Muhammad adopted a cat, Muezza, after the latter saved him from a snake bite, which is why even today cats are the only animal allowed to enter mosques and roam freely. It was not until the 20th century that a rigorously scientific interest in the cat also began to develop in parallel, making it possible to fully understand its behavior and study its physical structure, thus explaining its amazing abilities. Like the enemy-friends dogs, cats are also depopulating as protagonists in fairy tales and novels, where they often have habits and abilities, such as speech, that are purely human, not to mention also the countless cat-stars on social networks, capable of generating million-dollar takings for their respective owners. Do you think you know enough about this little feline? Do you feel ready for the challenge? Will you receive lots of purrs or a few scratches?