Harry Potter Characters Quiz: how well do you know them? Take the Test!

Harry Potter Characters Test: do you know all about the stories and trivia of the Potter characters? Do you want to find out how much you know? Take the Quiz!

This quiz is especially dedicated to the characters of the Harry Potter saga! Rowling's is a living, breathing magical world that has in the many details that go to make up the setting, a great deal of fascination. From the locations to the spells, from the wands to the lineages, yet without those characters it would probably not have been as successful. Of course, all these characters initially are derivative of archetypes that we know very well, both from a point of view of fantasy structure: The Chosen One, the elderly mentor and the absolute antagonist without a glimmer of goodness, and from a point of view of specific connotations. Ron is the protagonist's sidekick, Hermione the brilliant scholar, Neville the klutz, and many others. There are essentially two processes for adding charm to these stereotypes: the first is surely to make them evolve, since the further one strays from the predefined canons the more unpredictable the action the character will take. The other key factor is to question them often, Harry despite being the protagonist of the story and a positive hero, he has edginess. These two writing processes accompany the story of the saga and many of the characters, in fact in the second chapter even Hagrid, the kindest and sweetest half-giant in existence, is doubted. He, too, is questioned, as otherwise the narrative becomes too predictable. Of evolutions, on the other hand, we have seen plenty, from Draco to Harry to even Snape. Obviously both because of accessibility and because the saga was designed for a very young audience, many of the paths meet those canons we mentioned earlier, Harry remains the chosen one and the defender of good. Ron is the trusted friend and Hermione the student who cannot be dispensed with. Even the final happy ending for this trio shows how the characters' paths are very canonical, as is the death of the senior mentor (Dumbledore) who leaves the mission to his favorite student (Harry). Nevertheless, among these canonical paths are those that are less predictable, first and foremost Draco's and Snape's.