Felice Gimondi quiz: how well do you know the Italian cycling champion? Take the test!

Are you a cycling fan and want to test your knowledge about one of the great Italian champions? Then you are in the right place! Our quiz on Felice Gimondi will make you relive the exploits of one of the most beloved and esteemed cyclists in the history of our sport. Test your memory and find out how much you know about this great champion. Take the quiz!

Cyclist Felice Gimondi: the legend of Italian cycling If you are a cycling fan, you surely know Felice Gimondi. This great athlete was one of the most famous and successful cyclists in the history of Italian cycling, with a long and successful career. Felice Gimondi was born on September 29, 1942, in Sedrina, in the province of Bergamo. From a young age he showed a great passion for cycling, and began competing at the amateur level. In 1964, at the age of 22, he made his professional debut, racing for the Salvarani team. From then on, Gimondi's career was a continuous string of successes. In 1965 he won the Giro d'Italia, becoming the first cyclist to win the pink race in his professional debut. In 1966 he won the Tour de France, becoming the first Italian cyclist to win the Grande Boucle. In 1967 he won the Giro d'Italia for the second time, and in 1968 he won the World Road Championship. But Gimondi's career did not stop there. Over the next few years he continued to collect victories, including two more editions of the Giro d'Italia in 1969 and 1976, and the Giro di Lombardia five times. But what was the secret of Gimondi's success? First and foremost, his great passion for biking and cycling. Gimondi loved to train hard and compete, and this enabled him to become one of the strongest and most successful cyclists of his generation. In addition, Gimondi was a very complete cyclist, capable of excelling in several specialties. He was an excellent climber, but also a good passer and a skilled sprinter. This allowed him to win in different types of races, from the Giro d'Italia to the Tour de France, from the World Road Championship to the Tour of Lombardy. But Gimondi was not only a great athlete, he was also a man of great charisma and strong personality. He was much loved by the Italian public, who considered him a symbol of national cycling. In addition, he was highly respected by his opponents, who admired his strength and determination. After retiring from racing in 1978, Gimondi continued to devote himself to the world of cycling. He worked as a television commentator and as a sports director, helping to train new talents in Italian cycling. Sadly, on August 16, 2019, Felice Gimondi left us at the age of 76. But his memory and legendary status as a champion of Italian cycling will remain forever. In conclusion, Felice Gimondi was one of the strongest and most successful cyclists in the history of Italian cycling, a man of great charisma and strong personality. His career was marked by a long series of successes, which made him a symbol of national and international cycling. His memory will forever remain in the history of cycling as that of a great champion and a man who dedicated his life to his passion for cycling.