Death Eater test in Harry Potter: are you an expert? Take the Test!

Test on Death Eaters in Harry Potter: are you an expert on the Potterian world? Now you can prove it with this quiz specifically about Death Eaters! Take the Test!

This is the quiz dedicated to Death Eaters in Harry Potter. Even a wizard as dark and powerful as Voldemort needs allies, trusted men who follow their master's orders. These ruthless men in Tom Riddle's service are called Death Eaters. There are many names we could see throughout the saga, from Bellatrix to Lucius Malfoy, while others are only hinted at like Regulus Black. During the film saga they have changed their look, in fact the first time they appear in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, they are represented very similarly to the Ku Klux Klan. They have pointed hoods and very long robes, while their faces are covered by a skeleton mask. The effect is precisely that of finding oneself at the members of the racist association that is very widespread in America, partly because the ideology that moves both groups has similarities, think for example of the concept of family heritage. In the Order of the Phoenix they are more forgettable, wearing simply black clothing and masks to cover their faces. Although the evil of Voldemort's followers is blatant and always to be condemned, sometimes even a Death Eater can retrace his steps and realize how insane the Dark Lord is. A case in point is that of Regulus Black, Sirius' brother. He is described to us as a character who supported the ideology behind some of Voldemort's choices, such as that of superiority of purebloods over half-bloods. Despite initially becoming a Death Eater, Regulus understood how Tom Riddle was totally devoid of humanity and with an endless ambition for power. Even with all the risks he could take, Regulus found the Slytherin locket and replaced it with a fake, but he was devoured by the hellish creatures that populated that place. With the help of Kreacher, his house elf, the Slytherin locket left that place almost inaccessible forever. Even Death Eaters can redeem themselves, but they remain people moved by dangerous thoughts and intolerant of those who do not fulfill certain criteria.