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Death Note Quiz. With this fun test you can find out how much you know about this Anime. Put yourself to the test!

Here's the test on Death Note: test yourself and prove you know everything by answering the quiz questions! Manga conceived and written by Tsugumi Oba, with illustrations by Takeshi Obata, first published in Japan between 2003 and 2006 and later collected into a twelve-volume work. This was followed by an equally successful television series, which arrived in Italy laden with expectations that were not in the least betrayed, having been a major commercial success for broadcaster MTV, the first in our country to acquire the broadcasting rights. The events revolve around a young student, believed to be even the best in all of Japan, whose everyday life is suddenly turned upside down by the discovery of a strange object: a notebook that gives its possessor a power that would belong only to the gods. Initially, the boy intends to use this power to create a world where justice reigns supreme by executing as many criminals as possible. However, despite his initial good intentions, he begins to be overwhelmed by a desire for power and a sense of omnipotence, which soon leads him to have as his only goal becoming a new god. The exponential increase in these murders, carried out by a mysterious killer, will draw to the protagonist the attentions of the police and some of the best detectives, with a desire to put an end to this series of murders. Amid intrigue and twists and turns, the circle around the protagonist will grow tighter and tighter, leading to a completely unexpected ending. Do you feel ready to hunt down the mysterious criminal killer? Will you unmask him? Or will you get sidetracked, immediately desisting from this daunting task? Put yourself to the test and begin the hunt!