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"Encanto" is Disney's new animated film, award-winning and highly praised by international critics, underscores once again how the American production company is capable of creating masterpieces that entertain both children and adults, telling exciting and above all profound stories. Specifically, "Encanto" stars 15-year-old Maribel, a very young member of the Madrigal family. The family's origins are rooted in Colombia from which Maribel's grandparents are forced to flee, the grandfather loses his life sacrificing himself to protect his wife and their three little twins, all of which gives rise to a miracle that starting with a lit candle in the woman's hands creates a series of mountains that will go on to surround the village where the Madrigal family will settle for the following years, living in a magical house where the goal of the entire clan was to protect the still lit candle. Another peculiarity of the family was that each of them had a particular power, ranging from talking to animals to controlling the weather through their feelings. Everyone had one, except Maribel, who had never found out what hers was, creating in her a sense of inadequacy that was constantly renewed whenever the entire family excluded her or made her feel embarrassed for being their black sheep. During the celebration for the girl's little cousin, who had just discovered his own gift, the young woman wandered away and discovered that cracks were forming in the house. Concerned and intrigued, she slowly discovers that both the house and her family members' powers are in danger, so she decides to find a solution. She tries everything she can but only makes the situation worse, until she and her grandmother realize that the answer was right in front of them all along. A story that has family at its center, but also all the complications of always having to meet certain standards.